Website monitoring utility check real time server application performance analyzes 24/7 multiple web pages uptime downtime ping status tracking tool monitor site availability on FTP HTTP SMTP HTTPS POP3 protocols creates reports when sites unavailable host not found or respond slow

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Website Monitoring Tool

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To monitor uptime, response time, ping status of the website and send alert notification to you incase of website inaccessibility or unavailability.

Data Doctor’s Website Monitoring tool makes it easy to implement websites and web-based application monitoring for downtime, response time and other error conditions. Monitoring tool is internet utility to check the status and performance of the website and immediately sends an alert notification by sending E-Mail or beeps sound or runs a program for the inaccessibility, improper loading or offline status of the websites.

Website monitoring tool is the best way to check the status of websites in real time with internet services including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP. Website monitoring is an exclusively utility which tracks all server error responses such as ‘host not found’, ‘server not found’, ‘page can not be displayed’ to show quick response of the remote sites.

The website monitoring software is simple, easy and useful in monitoring the status of the peak performance of websites in real time.

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Salient Features of Website Monitoring Tool

  • Website monitoring tool checks the status and performance of websites and web based applications in real time.
  • Fast monitoring tool monitors downtime, uptime, response time and ping status of different websites with support to internet services including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 protocols.
  • Software checks the performance status of the websites by determining the accessibility, loading or response time of the websites.
  • Monitoring tool checks the availability of web sites and sends an alert notification if server not found, websites is offline, host not found etc.
  • Software is helpful for business growth by monitoring the status of website.
  • Easy to use software does not require any technical skill to operate it.
  • Software user-friendly GUI interface requires windows based operating system including windows 98, 2000, server 2003, NT, XP, Vista.

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